If you already have cards done in another format, that is ok!  We will accept those.  No need to redo them at this time.  Scroll down for tag example.

  • Use only 3x5 white index cards.
  • Consignor number in bottom left hand corner of the index card.  All tags must be consistent with the same consignor number. Your consignor number will be given to you (or you can choose your own if available) when you register HERE.
  • Write the # size for the item in the upper right hand corner. DO NOT just write SM, MED, or LG. Put the size that it actually fits (e.g. 0-3 months, 2T or Junior 2).
  • Price in the lower right hand corner of card.  Prices must be in dollar increments ONLY.
  • Place an “X”, red dot or "ND" next to the price if you DO NOT want the item sold for ½ price on Saturday.
  • Place description in the center of card.  Give enough information so that the card could be matched back to the item if they got separated.
  • Attach index card to the upper right hand side of item with a safety pin.  Hang your clothing items with the opening of the hanger to the left as the items faces you-like a "?".  
  • Sort items by gender and then by size. This will help you put your items up much faster at your drop-off appointment.
  • Secure shoes to their match and tag with a zip tie. Do not tag a shoe box and put shoes inside-they can easily get separated.
  • Tape tags to books so as not to cause any damage when the tag is removed.  Blue painters tape works well.  Please don't tape around all 4 sides...it makes removing the cards very difficult. Books are only to be grouped together if they are a matching set (bundle with string).
  • Secure toys with multiple pieces using zip ties to attach items or putting everything in a bag together and taping closed works well.  Think kid proof!  Attach tags securely.


  • put more than one tag on an item.
  • use more than one consignor number unless you register both numbers separately.
  • do not tape down tags on all 4 sides (we have to be able to remove them).  One piece of tape across the top of the tag is best.