How to create your items with barcode tags:

  • You must create an account and be a registered consignor.  The system will only allow for numbers. You can choose your own consignor number if it is available.  If not, the system will generate a number for you.  See picture below.

  • Log in and click the drop down arrow on MENU in the top left corner.
  • Click work with consigned inventory
  • Click the drop down arrow by add items. *note - you can also edit and  delete items here
  • Choose either Mobile version, PC/Laptop Version or Mobile Voice Entry
  • Enter your category and size using the drop down arrows for each
  • Enter a brief but good item description
  • Enter your price - whole dollar increments ONLY! And price to sell!
  • Enter the quantity 
  • Check the item CAN be discounted box if you are okay letting the item go at 50% off on 1/2 price day
  • Check the item can be donated box if you choose to donate items after the sale is over
  • Click submit item
  • Continue this process until you have added all items.
  • When you have added all items into the system, click print - WHITE OR PASTEL CARDSTOCK ONLY
  • Click tag printing options and click the option that best suits your needs
  • After all the tags have printed, you will cut them out and attach to their match

GOOD LUCK!  It's so easy and much quicker once you get the hang of it!