What is the consignor fee? $18 (this covers your consignor fee - which goes towards space rental and advertising, envelope and stamp for your consignor sales check).

What part of my sales do I receive?  You will receive 70% of all your sales.  If you would like to earn more, volunteer by clicking HERE.

When do I receive my earnings?  Approximately two weeks from the pick-up day.  If you work sort (second Saturday of sale from 2 pm until finished, you can get your check at the end of sort).

How long is the drop off appointment? This can vary depending on how many items that you have.  It will be approximately 30 - 60 minutes.

Do you have a different drop-off day/time for large volume (250+ items) consignors? Yes, Saturday ONLY.  Please email for more information.

Where can I get wire hangers and safety pins? has them both in bulk.  You can always go in with a friend or just keep so that you have plenty every time a sale rolls around!  You can also check with local dry cleaners - they sell them and a lot will give away for FREE!

How should I price my items?  We recommend 50-75% off retail.  This of course will vary depending on condition and style.  Good rule of thumb - price the item at what you would pay for it.

Do any items have limits?  Yes!  Shoes are limited to 10 per gender.  Maternity is limited to 15 pieces.

Do you have a separate boutique section?  Yes!  Please separate your boutique items before drop-off.  They will sell much better in our boutique section.

Do you have a dance and sports section?  Yes!  Please have these items sorted separately so we can ensure they go into the right place.

Do we accept juniors clothing?  We do!  Current style and excellent condition.

Do we accept women's/men's clothing?  We do only if they fit into the category of young adult and in style.

Do you accept CD's?  No.  Do you accept DVD's?  Yes.

Do you accept kitchen appliances?  We will accept only the very best of kitchen appliances.  We will not accept any knives, single cups, glasses or coffee cups.

Do you accept car seats/booster seats?  We do but it must first pass inspection and meet requirements.  You will be required to fill out a waiver before you can leave to sell.

Do you accept home decor?  We do but home decor must be in current style.  We will only accept the very best items.

What will help my items sell?  Only bring items that have been cleaned well.  Make sure that any toys that require batteries have them and are working.  Price competitively.  Also, participate in half price day!

What items are accepted?  Click here for a list.  

What items are not accepted?  Click here for a list.  

Can I bring a guest to the consignor presale?  Yes!  You are also welcome to give your pass away if you cannot attend.

Where do donated items go after the sale?  All donated items go to Christmas Love non-profit organization.