You must register HERE to consign with us.  Large volume consignors (250+ items) must drop off on Saturday ONLY (between 1 and 5).  Your $18 consignor fee (non-refundable and non-transferrable) will be collected when you register via PayPal.  If you do not show up for your consignor drop-off, you will forfeit your consignor fee.  It is non transferrable.  Your consignor fee covers costs for rent, advertising, envelope and stamp for checks.

Barcode tags must be on white or pastel CARDSTOCK.  Paper tags are NOT accepted.  Barcode tag instructions, step by step, are HERE.

We are accepting a limited amount of handwritten tags.  Please let us know when signing up.  Hand written tag instructions are HERE.

    Clothing should be on wire hangers (hanger must be like a question mark when facing you) and your tag will be safety pinned on the right top side of the clothing item of the front, if the item is facing you. 

    You earn 70% of your sales.

    Your items will be screened for acceptability (no stains, holes, smoke/animal smell, etc.)

    You MUST have your items sorted by size and gender on a rack (we provide) before they can be screened.  Toys must be laid on tables to be properly screened.  Any toys requiring batteries must have them and be working.

    Any large items, must have a large ticket item - you will fill this out with assistance (if needed) when dropping off.

    When you have passed screening, you will put all of your clothing items on the floor in the appropriate spot.  Any items that do not pass screening will be returned to you to take home or donate.  Our staff will put out all non clothing items.

    You will get an early pass to shop that is only for consignors + 1 guest. This presale is before the public gets to shop.

    You must pick up your items that did not sell.   Pick is Sunday, July 21st from 2 - 4 pm.  If you do not pick up your items during this time period, they will be donated.  We do not make any phone calls and we cannot make any exceptions.  Donation of items that are not picked up begins promptly at 4:01. YOU CANNOT PICKUP EARLY OR LATE.

    You will receive your proceeds via mail by check.  Checks will be issued no later than August 4th (2 weeks from the last day of the sale).